Have a specific issue to address? Or maybe no idea where to start? Life Science Health and Wellness can help you get started.

Health and Wellness Consultations

A consultation with a doctor and pharmacist is a great starting point if you are ready to make a change, but need some guidance on where and how to start. This is essentially just a conversation about your current health and lifestyle status, supplement and medication regimen, exercise habits and your wellness goals.

While some have a very specific goal in mind (ex. lose 15 pounds or relieve work-related stress), many people know that they wish to simply become ‘healthier,’ but don’t know how. After the consultation, you may have a better idea of where you stand and then how to proceed.

Please call for more information about consultations, pricing*, or availability.

Integrative Nutrition

Nutrition goes far beyond the traditional food pyramid, the idea of counting macronutrients, and the concept of “calories in calories out.” In fact, these concepts are somewhat outdated and with social, environmental, and economical changes over the years, nutrition has become much more in-depth and personalized.

Nutrition ideally integrates diet, lifestyle choices, supplementation (if appropriate), and a thorough review of relevant blood test results in order to make a specific plan based on each individual. And while test results and numbers can say a lot, a person’s symptoms or daily comfort level can sometimes say even more.

*Insurance not accepted for consultations, but may cover any necessary bloodwork (please check with your individual insurance provider).