What We Do


After a consultation with a doctor and/or pharmacist, we will have a much better idea of how to aid in helping you accomplish your wellness goals. Common topics during consultations are nutrition and eating habits, exercise, supplementation & medications, and just a general conversation to learn more about you and how we can help.

Body Composition & Analysis

It is easy to step on a scale and find out your weight. But we can take a closer look at your body composition to determine the percentages of muscle, fat and even water in different segments of the body. The InBody Body Composition Analyzer is a non-invasive, pain-free 60-second assessment that sends safe, low-level currents through the body through hand and feet electrodes. The impedance encountered by the currents is measured, which determines your body composition. This assessment provides useful information in prescribing diet and exercise plans, and for providing a baseline measurement for later comparison.